A Positive Mindset

I would like to talk to everyone today about a positive mindset. Everyone has a different mindset when it comes to life. Well I would like to simplify it for you if I could. I call this simplistic idea the ABC of a positive or even not so positive mindset.

A is for an Always Positive type mindset. These are the people who are always positive about life and its pursuits. It should be as that is what we should strive for.

B is for Basically Positive type mind set. My personal belief is that most people are here in life. (caveat: No study was done. This is opinion) Why do I think this? Life and experience has shown me that most people are basically positive. Now that doesn’t mean they are sunshine and roses all the time. They basically have a average outlook on life.

C is for Could Care Less about being positive type of mindset. These are the naysayers about everything in life. My suggestion avoid these people like EBOLA (too soon?). These people will simply bring you down to their level. If these are your friends my suggestion is to find new friends. A and B type of friends.

I am typically the A type because no matter what is going on in my life I usually have a smile on. Not always with a smile though. Hell, nobody’s perfect. I say this because I recently was released from the hospital where I had surgery to remove the pinky toe and the 5th metatarsal from my right foot. I have been home for just over a week and feeling much better. Some people in that situation would be completely lost. I was making jokes with the nurses the day I had the surgery after I awoke from the surgery.

I guess my point is life throw you curve balls and you can either make the best of any situation or you can whine like a little bitch. Man Up or Woman Up and move forward.When life knocks you down get back up and kick it in the teeth. You can do this. Stay Positive my friends.